5 Things to Know About Rowing machine

There is fitness machine, which is promoted on various platforms to spread the awareness of the product performance and results. We have seen many ads, promotions for various equipment on their features and how they do for people who want to burn calories to get slim. Among those flashy products, there are few types of equipment which are capable delivering the results that can help you get into the shape you’ve always wanted for yourself.

The rowing machine is the first to hit our list because you must have ads on USA Network that rowing machine are doing wonders for the people and those were fat transformed into fit within months of workout. So we will reveal few secrets or facts on do they work for those who want to lose weight within months.

5 Things to Know About Rowing machine

Rowing machines are now very popular because they are affordable to have it at home and workout every day. Many brands are advertising them to be some magical device that can help you lose weight in months, so here are the five things you did not know about the Rowing Machine. We will mention only those things which a rowing machine can do.

Weight Loss

If you watch the ADS carefully, they are selling fitness equipment with the slogan “Weight Loss Machine” Let us give you clear view on it, remember it goes that the rowing machine is known for weight loss and cardio equipment. However, if you want to lose weight, then you have to maintain a strict diet and eat less. In some case, you have to skip meals between breakfast to dinner, but it is not recommended.

If you are someone who is above 90KG, then I would suggest you consult your doctor before you buy a rowing machine. Few readers have health ailments, so working out on this machine can lead you to issues later.

Increases Your Strength?

I have mentioned that in the promotions, they use the word “Strength.” However, rowing machine cannot increase your body size or size of your arms. A rowing machine is totally a cardio machine. When you are working out for more than half an hour, you are losing weight and also muscles size. So it cannot increase the size of your arms or increase strength like the “Presenters in the Promotions.”

Good For Daily Workout

Yes, you can workout regularly without even skipping a day. This machine is great for cardio and fitness is assured.

Pains Free?

The presenters are lying about the pain-free treatment. When you are working out to burn calories Where your legs are taking a stress, which is unusual for your legs. Make sure to slow down to give your legs time to heal itself and get used to the workout.

It’s Fun

If you are buying a rowing machine with the latest technology added to it, then it will be fun to use it. Many types of equipment come with latest features like Heart Monitor, Bluetooth speakers, Screen to watch movies and compact models. If you have a small version, then you can watch your favorite shows while working out.


Today we have learned that Weight Loss is possible only when you are willing to follow a diet and make an effort. There is no workout where you don’t have to make any effort to lose weight.