BNRG Proto Whey Review

What is Proto Whey?

bnrg_protowhey5-500x500BNRG is known to be a brand which specializes in the development of some of the most technologically advanced protein supplements in the bodybuilding marketplace. Simply put, they are the protein specialists. Proto Whey is their flagship product and although it may not have turned into a household name yet, it’s easily among the best whey protein powders you can lay your hands on in the market today. Actually, we haven’t been able to find any commercial product which can completely match its level of hydrolysis, and resultantly its utilization and digestion speed.

Ingredients contained in Proto Whey

Proto Whey distinguishes itself not owing to the kind of protein it comprises of, but the manner in which it is processed. Although the protein source remains whey protein only, since it is hydrolysed so extensively (to the extent of 40% of it being in the form of dipeptides and tripeptides), its absorption rate goes significantly up.

This way protein is the only functional ingredient in this product. The remaining components are meant for texturing and flavoring purposes. Every serving of Proto Whey delivers 3 g of dietary fiber, 4 g of carbohydrates, 4 g of fats, 20 g of protein and an overall total of 135 calories.

Proto Whey Pros

Bodybuilding marketplace is overflowing with manufacturers who claim to be producing hydrolysed whey protein, but hardly anyone seems willing to reveal the exact proportion of their dipeptides and tripeptides, created as a result of hydrolysis. Proto Whey mainly derives its benefits from these short amino acid chains only. It’s important for all proteins to get hydrolysed by the user’s digestive system prior to getting absorbed. As this process takes some time, any compromises in it may directly translate into insufficient absorption of protein.

On the other hand, there’s not much use of the free-form amino acids as their absorption rate relies on different carrier mechanisms that may be limited to some extent. Studies have revealed that the bioavailability and absorption rate of the hydrolysed proteins are much superior compared to the intact proteins and the amino acids in free-form.

Carry out some research into different products and you’ll discover that there’s no whey protein that gets hydrolysed and consists of dipeptides’ and tripeptides’ proportion to the extent that the Proto Whey does. Hence, Proto Whey has emerged as the most quickly digestible and absorbable whey protein product available in the marketplace today.

Furthermore, as Proto Whey gets so heavily hydrolysed, our body doesn’t treat it as a protein. This works particularly well for people who have certain milk protein related allergies. As Proto Whey is hypoallergenic in nature, there are far less chances of it triggering any allergic reaction.

Proto Whey has the ability to get inside the user’s bloodstream faster than any protein product out there. Hence, it can get down to the process of rebuilding the muscle tissues much quicker than anything else. On the whole, this provides faster muscle synthesis and better recovery. It is due to this reason Proto Whey has become the most favored post workout supplement of a large number of bodybuilders and athletes.

Proto Whey Cons

As hydrolysed proteins are known to be not the best tasting ones, BNRG, the producers of Proto Whey had to go out of their way to mask their unpleasant flavor. As a result, they had to incorporate several additives such as sweeteners, maltodextrin and MCTs to make Proto Whey consumable. This led to a comparatively lower protein percentage (58%). However, as this was something unavoidable, it eventually came down to a trade-off between the terrible taste and lower protein level. BNRG chose to take the middle path and hence Proto Whey is both potent as well as good tasting.

Proto Whey carries out only one function and it does it commendably well. Owing to its specialized nature, it cannot be termed as a multipurpose protein. The extremely fast absorption rate of Proto Whey causes its inability of sustaining the high amino acid levels for long. Therefore, it works best when used after workout and is followed up with a good meal. If it’s a long sustaining protein supplement you’re after, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Proto Whey – The mix-ability and taste

As mentioned earlier, hydrolysed whey protein is not too good tasting and is bitter in nature. The manufacturers have done a very good job at masking its bitter taste. Although the bitterness is barely noticeable, even if it does, it goes pretty well with the different flavors. People who are fond of chocolates would love its double chocolate flavor that tastes quite like dark chocolate with high cocoa content. The cafe mocha flavor consists of real coffee concentrate, thus making it ideal for coffee lovers. It too goes well with the bitter taste of hydrolysed protein. Apart from these, you can buy Proto Whey in banana, vanilla and strawberry flavors as well.

Coming to the mix ability, Proto Whey mixes quite effortlessly and assumes a form of smooth shake in no time. The texture is slightly thicker compared to other protein shakes and is quite creamy in taste.