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So you already gave Cross Fit and P90X a try, got excellent results, but somehow didn’t bulk up as expected. No need to worry, there is a new-age workout regime that is rapidly gaining huge popularity in the fitness circles. It is purely concentrated on the addition of muscle mass that you’ve always longed for. It is known as the Body Beast program. It comes in the form of a 90 day long DVD workout program. If you follow it diligently, you can add as much as 20 additional pounds of pure muscle mass by the time you’re done with it.

I completely understand if such gains seem slightly exorbitant to you. But, trust me when I say I’m being quite realistic here! Why such gains are possible is because everything in this program is laid out in a step-by-step manner, right from the supplements, to meals to the exact workout sessions. If you have been looking to bulk up for a long time now, this program will make it as simple as possible. All you’ll need to do is press play and start following its steps.

What is Body Beast program after all?

Body Beast workout regime is a solid product from some of the most respectable home fitness gurus, known as Beach Body. These are the same people who brought P90X, Les Mills Combat and Insanity to the fitness marketplace. Although majority of their workout programs focus on enhancing your conditioning, core strength and cardiovascular ability, the Body Beast in particular concentrates only on gaining muscle mass.

The sole purpose of the Body Beast program is to help you gain lean muscle mass and overall size, so that you feel more confident about yourself. Mr. Sagi Kalev, who is both the creator as well as the trainer in the Body Beach program says that the workout regimes of this system are so unique that you would’ve seen nothing like it before. They’re not at all focused on weight loss despite everything about them shouting “weight loss” at the highest pitch! If you follow the Body Beast program sincerely, there is no way that you won’t get bigger!

The program spans over 90 days and comprises of three different phases – build, bulk and the beast phase. The build phase covers all the basic movements and comprehensive guidance on matters like how to breathe, how to engage, how to lift etc. Once you’ve got a good hold of all these techniques, you start with heavy lifting during the bulk phase that lasts for the next six weeks. Thereafter, the final three weeks are all about the beast phase, wherein you conclude your journey of becoming brawny from scrawny.

During every workout phase you’ll be putting in six days of hard work per week. Hence, you get only one day to rest.


Body Beast program – How challenging it actually is?

There is nothing denying the fact that the Body Beast program will push your body to its limits. Although the workouts are shorter than what you may be used to, they are pretty high on intensity. You should prepare yourself for a well condensed workout lasting for around 40 to 50 minutes per day, involving heavy lifting focused on different muscle groups and with minimum rest.

At the heart of the Body Beast workout program is the concept of dynamic set training. When you merge together the philosophies of progressive sets, drop sets, supersets and everything that constitutes old school training, you’ll be able to bring into play more muscles in quick time. This will make your muscles feel as if they’re on fire post the workout session. By following a particular sequence of repetitions and sets during the dynamic set training, you’re able to maximize the amount of time that the muscle remains under tension. Thus, you get a faster and far more effective workout. Starting with a lightweight and high repetitions set, you’ll work your way upwards. By the time you’re onto your fourth set, you’ll be finishing with lesser repetitions and a heavyweight.

Mr. Kalevs says that a large majority of people who visit gymnasiums are clueless about what they need to do to get in shape. The Body Beast delivers results because it puts everything right in front of you – the program, the tracking mechanisms, everything. You’ll get every possible information to get bigger, whether it is about the supplements, the food and more. The program takes the guesswork completely out of equation.

Who is this program meant for?

The Body Beast program is targeted at people who’re desperate about putting on lean muscle mass and want a bigger body frame. If you wish to build a body whose muscles can be seen through your clothes and which pushes you to buy clothes that are 2-3 size larger, this program is meant for you. It comprises of several effective weight loss and toning routines that’ll help you get the best body shape, apart from gaining bulk size.

As mentioned earlier, everything about this program is quite methodical and is explained in a step-by-step manner. But you need to keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You’ll have to put in small-small efforts on a daily basis. In case you’re just beginning your bodybuilding journey, the build phase is a good starting point. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced bodybuilder, the build phase will still be appropriate for you. Once through with the build phase, you’ll move onto the bulk and beast phases, with everything designed to deliver complete growth, recovery and change. You’ll not just experience your body growing, your confidence level will also break through the roof! All in all, you’ll unleash a new self which will be nothing short of a beast that was always hiding inside you.

Men often have a tendency of judging themselves based on their body size. Body Beast, on the other hand is meant for people who wish to start seeing things differently or for the ones who’d like to push things a little further.

If you have never been involved in weight training, the Body Beast program may not be the ideal entry medium. Although it is completely doable even for the beginners, but just as in case of any intense workout regime, you should start slowly. If you’re someone who has experience in gymming, but have hardly received any tangible results despite spending too much time there, the Body Beast program will deliver exactly what you’ve been longing for.


How does Body Beast fare in comparison to other similar products?

The best way to understand the effectiveness and significance of Body Beast program is by putting it in comparison with the other greatest hits delivered by beach body. Hence, if Les Mills Combat is more focused on toning and cardiovascular routines, and P90X is somewhere in between, the Body Beast program can be placed at the end involving bulking up.

What all equipment are required to properly follow the Body Beast program?

Dumbbells – It goes without saying that you’ll need a good amount of weight variations. Despite being pretty strong, I started out using couple of 30 pound dumbbells and 5 – 25 pounds adjustable ones.

A good bench – You can either use a solid bench or can employ a blowup exercise ball too. It all comes down to personal preference. While I like working out on a bench, you can go with an exercise ball too if you find that more comfortable.

Pull up bar – Using a real pull up bar can deliver very good results, and if required you can use a pull up assistance band as well. You may need some assistance initially, which is okay, but you must slowly graduate to push-ups without the band assistance.

The Body Beast mobile application

This application is provided free of cost to all buyers of the Body Beast program. Information related to its access is sent via email as soon as you place your order of the system. This app helps in carrying your workout regime with you, wherever you go. Rather than having to carry your nutrition program and workout calendar in a paper format with you, you’ll have the comfort of accessing it from your smart phone, regardless of your location. This app comprises of a result tracker, workout routines, Body Beast recommended recipes, calorie calculator and much more.

Body Beast system – pros and cons

As in case of all popular workout routines, there are people who simply love them and then there are ones who cannot stand them. It is only natural that not every single bodybuilding program will fall in line with your fitness goals. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of the Body Beast system and find out if it’ll work for you or not.

Body Beast pros

–        A highly intense program.

–        Comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee lasting for 90 days.

–        Excellent customer service.

–        You can avail multiple purchase options.

–        Unlike the large majority of DVD-based workout systems, this one provides a unique focus on the strength training aspect.

–        You can also avail upgraded packages comprising of safe and beneficial nutritional supplements.

–        Is highly focused on building lean muscle mass.

–        Has been developed by Sagi Kalev, the popular champion bodybuilder.

–        100% natural system.

–        Is ideal for all levels of trainees including the beginners, intermediates and advanced level bodybuilders.

–        Is equally effective on both men and women.

–        Is the first-ever program that is geared more towards weight gaining rather than losing it.

–        It provides an altogether new perspective on weight training and enables the user to form a solid foundation.

Body Beast cons

–        You’ll have to purchase several different bodybuilding equipment before starting the program.

–        The program makes it mandatory for you to have a high calorie diet. Doing so can trigger excessive weight gain which may not go down too well with everyone.

–        The program doesn’t feature any stretching exercises. Neglecting this aspect can result in serious injuries. If you do follow this system it is recommended that you incorporate a good stretching routine before starting your workout routine every day.

–        The program doesn’t have the expected level of focus on cardiovascular exercises, making it unappealing for people seeking weight loss.

What kind of customer support do you get?

As it is the case with all the fitness programs that come from Beach Body, this too is backed by excellent customer support. You can easily contact the Beach Body team via email, a toll-free number or live chat 24/7. You also receive access to the Beach Body message boards, enabling you to ask questions, share tips and tricks with other regular users.

How much does it cost?

The Body Beast system has three different variants, each one of which is priced differently. These are:

Body Beast Base Kit – It can be purchased by making 3 x $ 29.95 monthly payments, plus the shipping and handling fee. This particular kit consists of seven DVDs (having 12 workouts), a workout calendar and a nutrition planner.

Body Beast Kit and the Huge Stack Kit – This can be purchased by making 3 x $ 66.90 monthly payments and $14.95 for shipping and handling. This variant comprises of everything that is there in the Base Kit, plus a 30 day supply of the Fuel Shot and Hard Core Base shake supplement. In addition, you also receive a bonus DVD featuring 2 extra workouts.

Body Beast Kit and the Beast Stack Kit – Available at a price of $ 84.90 per month for three months and a shipping and handling fee of $ 19.95, this kit contains everything from the Base Kit and the Huge Stack Kit. You receive 30 days’ supply of the Super Suma supplement and the M A X creatine supplement in addition.

Body Beast Review Summary

Opting for the Body Beast program will provide you with an interesting entry into the BeachBbody world as this one focuses mainly on the muscle building and strength training aspect, as opposed to cardio training and weight loss (which are known to be Beach Body’s Forte). The only other program from Beach Body that has a similar kind of focus on strength training is the Les Mills Pump. But that system is more about improving the muscle definition and toning. Whereas the Body Beast program is fully focused on muscle gains, strength and density.