BSN Syntha 6- A complete muscle growth protein supplement

syntha-6-1If you are someone who is very much strict about his exercise routine and is unable to gain the required amount of the protein to rebuild the lost muscles during the heavy exercise sessions or any training athlete, who is crazy about his passion and doesn’t get time to have a healthy diet. The answer to your diet related worries is the BSN new innovative product i.e. Syntha 6 which is a complete supplement in itself as it provides all the required nutrients after heavy exercise sessions.

The Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, Inc. (BSN) is one of the manufacturers in US which has worked so hard in bringing varied and innovative products in the field of oral supplementation. Syntha 6 is also one of its amazing product which helps in providing for the body muscle repair as well as muscle growth after the process of heavy exercise. It comes in such a super formulation that the muscle building is improved due to this protein powder supplement.

It is a complete food in itself as it consists of all the essential amino acids, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Only one scoop of this muscle growth supplement can help regain the lost energy after a strenuous exercise routine. This helps in kick starting the process of muscle repair immediately after a workout session. This muscle repairing supplement is sure to help regain the muscle mass with little or no fat gain after its usage. It is also effective for people who are conscious about their weight and can use this muscle growth supplement to maintain a good body shape. It helps in removing the excessive unwanted fat flab from your body and provides lean muscle mass instead thus an amazing body shape is maintained by using this muscle growth supplement regularly.


Ingredients of muscle building protein supplement:

The muscle growth supplement is made of proteins mainly. It also contains essential amino acids which are required for the healthy body muscles which amount up to 10 grams per serving. Fat also form part of this muscle building formulation which helps in maintaining a good body shape. This also includes carbohydrates plus dietary fiber in quantity of 5 grams per serving, making it a complete nutritional supplement. The main protein in this muscle growth supplement is whey along with other proteins in different amounts which are present in a total amount of 22 grams of proteins in this muscle building supplement. Calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium helps in maintaining the normal body functions. This formulation is sold in the form of powder and can serve 200 calories per serving. This muscle building protein powder is available in variety of flavors. Some of these flavors include chocolate, vanilla and strawberry being the main flavors. Other flavors are:

  • Banana
  • Chocolate Cake Batter
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Chocolate Milkshake
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Bun – Exclusive
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Mochaccino
  • Orange Smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Cookie
  • Strawberry Milkshake
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

These are available at the official manufacturer site whereas different flavors can be found in stock at the online drug stores. One can chose his favorite flavors from this vast variety.

Prices and dosage of this protein mix supplement:

The protein supplement is available in three different quantity of formulation which is as follows:

  • 2.91 lbs
  • 5 lbs
  • 10 lbs

These are also sold according to the amount of servings required by an individual. One bottle contains around 30 servings and can be used over a week in cases of 4 servings a day. They are sold usually in amounts of 5 servings, 28 servings and 48 servings. Different online stores have different quantity and flavors in stock thus anyone willing to purchase this muscle building protein powder online should research for his desired flavor and quantity first and order according to his requirement. Anyone who is aiming for the muscle repair especially after heavy exercise is very lucky to have this protein supplement as it has around 10 delicious flavors to cater for a varied audience.

A maximum dosage of 4 servings per day is recommended where each serving consisting of 22grams of proteins per drink. Its consistency can be made according to ones choice by adding it to either low fat milk, plain water or any beverage of personal liking. The carbohydrates found in this supplement are easily and quickly digested which makes it ideal for immediate post work out recovery process. But it is unable to provide for long term recovery as no slow digestible carbohydrates are present in this muscle repairing supplement thus for maximum effects, the protein powder is to be more than once a day..

Amazon and the Vitamin shoppe online stores sell this muscle repairing supplement for $49.59 for 5 lbs and $32.99 for 2.91 lbs formulation. Whereas GNC live well sell the 5 lbs formulation in $56.99. Thus it is highly recommended that the individual who desires to purchase this muscle repairing supplement to research for best deals and then buy. The military personnel in US can get exclusive discount from online site which is mentioned below in “where to buy section”.

How to take this muscle repairing supplement:

The official website recommends that the muscle repairing supplement powder is to be taken with either cold water or any drink which a person likes to have. The quantity is to take one scoop full of this protein powder. The best thing about this supplement is that it can be taken any time throughout the day and like other supplements it doesn’t have any specific timing to be taken with any meals.

To get better results, it is advised that the person change the amount of liquid used to make a different consistency of the drink from this muscle building supplement powder. The powder gives a very creamy and tasty flavor when used in right quantities. This depends on personal liking and can vary from individual to individual. It can be used after a strenuous exercise routine every day. One can easily drink it like any milk shakes available in the market.

The official site of this protein supplement recommends that this product can be paired with the NITRIX® 2.0 , N.O.-XPLODE®( provides pre workout and muscle repairing support) and CELLMASS® 2.0(post work out recovery as well as provides for muscle repair) for maximum results. But this is not to be taken as a mandatory step for gaining the desired effects from the protein supplement. The muscle repairing supplement can itself help in regaining the lost muscle mass as well as new muscles are made after regular intake of this supplement.

Precautions to be taken and side effects of this muscle repairing supplement:

This product as claimed by the manufacturer is not to be used to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any medical condition and in all cases an experienced doctor is to be consulted when any serious medical condition is suspected. Pregnant and breast feeding mothers are to consult an experienced doctor before starting on this muscle repairing supplement. Children under the age of 18 are not to use this protein powder in any case. The supplement contains peanut, fish oil, eggs, wheat and milk in its formulation and many people are known to have allergies from these ingredients.

It is thus wise to either first get screened for any possible allergies to the above mentioned ingredients to avoid any allergic reactions especially in the cases of known family history. Anyone who is having known allergy to any of the component is not to take this muscle building supplement as severe side effects can result which may even result in death. The allergic reactions can be mild as mere rashes or stuffiness of nose mounting up to shortness of breath etc. These require immediate medical care and referral to an experienced doctor.

Some side effects of this supplement are seen which includes stomach upset, dehydration, muscle cramps and kidney problems in some cases. The kidney problem is seen as this supplement has high levels of proteins present in its formulation. This puts a large amount of burden on the kidneys to excrete out the proteins. This leads to reduction in kidney functions in some of the users. Dehydration can also cause itchiness of the skin and dizzy feeling around the day. The person needs to be careful for in taking proper amount of water to prevent this dehydration. Proper diet is to be taken along with this muscle repairing supplement as it causes excessive burden on the stomach as well which causes constipation or stomach pains. Adequate monitoring of the dietary habits is essential while doing regular work outs. Some individuals may not like the taste of the supplement even after a large variety of flavors is available.

It should be kept in mind that none of the claims of the manufacturer for this muscle growth supplement are tested by the FDA. Immense precaution is to be practiced while using this muscle repairing supplement.

Where to buy BSN Syntha 6-muscle building supplement:

This muscle growth supplement is available online for purchase at different stores. But it can also be bought from other online stores which are also shown on the official website. This protein mix can be shipped anywhere in the world. Different sites offer a variety of offers on purchasing this muscle growth supplement. One such example is Bodybuilding.com where the body building supplement comes with an offer of buy one bottle and get 50% off from the other bottle.

Other online sites where this protein mix for muscle growth is available are mentioned as below. These links can be compared before ordering to get the best prices with minimum shipping charges. These online stores are also mentioned on the official muscle growth supplement website from where it can be purchased easily.

The following online site has the highest prices compared to the above mentioned web links. But there is a possibility that some flavors may be available there and not on the other links, thus it is wise to survey for prices, flavors and shipping charges before purchasing this muscle growth supplement.

The following link is specially designed for the individuals serving in the military. The manufacturer of this protein supplement as a recognition to the contributions of the military personnel to US provides an exclusive discount for them. The discount is available to anyone who is either currently serving or is a veteran. They can avail this discount by ordering through the website mentioned below and on any supplement of their choice. This website ships free of cost to the troops and army personnel.

Other than these online stores, there are regional stores all around the world which have this muscle building supplement in stock and anyone can easily purchase it from their local market if they are not willing to order online.

What customers of this muscle building protein mix have to say?

It is very hard to find the real, non biased reviews of syntha 6 as any review found on the official site may be twisted in order to be in the favor of the manufacturer product. Thus reviews from the sites which are in no way linked to the official sites are cited here including both the amazing and not so amazing reviews by the customers.


A user from Baltimore is happy after using this muscle repairing mix as only this protein supplement provides a large variety of flavors catering for huge audience personal likings. It is easy to use and effective in showing results in very short time.


A chocolate variant of this syntha 6 muscle repairing supplement in 5 lbs quantity, is used by another customer who is very happy with the results as he is able to gain lean muscle mass and was able to loss unwanted fat. He has also added different products in his daily routine to get the maximum outcome from this muscle repairing supplement. Thus it is highly recommended according to this user.

A third user is not happy with the supplement in vanilla ice cream flavor and claims that the taste of this protein powder is very average and it doesn’t come any near to the quantity of proteins present in other products. He has used different types of milks to get the desired taste but wasn’t able to achieve it. This user doesn’t recommend this product which was purchased in the amount of 28 servings.


An athlete has used this mix in vanilla ice cream flavor, same as the last user, who wasn’t happy about its taste. On contrary, this athlete is happy about its taste as well as its action which has helped in gaining a great recovery time after work out process.

Thus this can be seen that the matter of taste can be solely depends upon individual to individual and varies a lot. So the review of one user for the same product can’t be generalized for everyone. It is better that one should test the product himself/herself and depend on the personal experience instead of relying on others reviews. Everyone can use a variety of liquid types to use this muscle growth product and gain diverse taste as well.


Syntha 6 muscle building protein supplement is full of the required proteins, carbohydrates and fats. It is very effective for post work up recovery time as it helps in quick recovery time. Any athlete or anyone who has regular exercise routine can rely on this muscle growth supplement. This is useful for both male and female if taken in the recommended dosage. Lean muscle mass is maintained providing an amazing body shape. Excessive fat is also reduced by taking this muscle recovering supplement daily. To cater for wide audience, the manufacturer, BSN, has produced this innovative product in 10 different flavors. This supplement has few ingredients which may be the cause of allergy in some individuals. Thus immense care is to be taken by any individual before taking this muscle repairing supplement powder. We recommend that each individual who desire to have good muscle building effect to test this protein powder. One should not rely on the customer reviews as each individual has different experience as well as diverse liking. BSN is known for producing superb products in the supplement market and thus they can be trusted with providing a genuine product with guaranteed effects in best prices.

The key to best muscle building and muscle recovery experience is to take this protein supplement daily and more than once a day. It is to be complimented with healthy diet and doing a regular exercise. This delicious and smooth drink is sure to bring the wanted change in the physical appearance as well as in the overall well-being of an individual.